AUZ Group is a dynamic, progressive company operating in the oil and gas, energy, infrastructural and property development sectors. Based in Lagos, we cover a wide area in property marketing, estate development and oil and gas industry and in addition offer general contracting including project and construction management services. Our team of professionals is dedicated in providing our clients with value added services.

We strictly adheres to a “Total Quality Management” system in the performance of our operations. This system ensures the efficient and effective processing of the policies and procedures that guide our operations. Our commitment to operational excellence ensures that we remain focused on our objective.

Complete Customer Satisfaction:

  • Beyond the business of delivering customer satisfaction, AUZ Group is a company with a strong sense of values. We care about our employees and our community. We build a close and supportive relationship with all staff members, fostering a positive work environment where each team member can reach their full potential. At AUZ, we are serious about our corporate citizenship and our commitment to our employees’ well being.
  • By engaging AUZ Group, our clients are assured exceptional service from a company who will work to understand each clients particular needs and deliver services solutions that will add value to their business operations.
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