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Facility Management

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Facility Management

Our core facility management business is complemented by expertise in a wide range of services in which we have exceptional strengths. Presently, we have facilities we manage which ranges from commercial and residential establishments.

Corporate firms and individual owners entrust their diverse real estate investments to us: large and small assets and portfolios, urban and suburban properties, etc. From due diligence and financial underwriting, to environmental and consultancy services, we have the broad base of experience and knowledge to provide the technical, operational and other services necessary to achieve your property’s objectives.

Our facility management services involves both management of buildings and the facilities which incorporates tenancy administration, rent collection, routine inspection and reporting, proper rendering of account of any rent collected, facility management, building maintenance, service charge administration etc. 

Our facility management service however includes the following:

  • To ensure that the property is in its functional and best use at all time.
  • To find and select suitable tenants after thorough scrutiny when there is vacancy.
  • To render proper tenancy administration.
  • To demand and collect rents and service charges as at when due.
  • To renew or terminate and document leases and tenancies of the property in the appropriate manner.
  • To take charge of, manage and maintain the property.
  • To warn, prohibit and if necessary proceed to litigation against any breach on lease or tenancy agreement by any tenant.
  • To advise on Insurance Valuation and ensure that the property is insured against unforeseen circumstances
  • To undertake the general day-to-day management of the property as essentially necessary which may involve outsourcing to worthy Third Party Company?
  • To administer and render proper service charge account where applicable.
  • To carry out routine inspection of the property and report promptly of any dilapidation or essential repairs that needs to be carried out.
  • To seek the property owner’s consent on major decision before taking appropriate action
  • To render prompt account of any rent collected and on periodic bases report to the property owner the state of the property and when major repairs are necessary.
  • To carry out legal dealings on the Estate -Assignment and subletting

Real Estate Development

We’re an established property development company focused
on creating estates and properties packed with style, convenience and comfort for today’s lifestyle seekers and savvy investors. It is our passion to create spaces that depicts the convenience and comfort of modern day living, while providing excellent investment opportunities in some of Nigeria’s most prime real estate locations.

Our real estate developement competence is as a result of the following:

Proven execution capability with over 20 years of real estate development experience in Nigeria.

Construction and engineering capability while introducing international best practices and standards.

World class development team and partners with a balanced mix of local and international experience.

Deep established relationships with key players in the real estate sector including consultants, contractors and state authorities.

Capacity to take on large scale projects.

Committed to the betterment and welfare of communities we do business in

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